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As transplants from other parts of the country who fell in love with the District not long before we fell in love with each other, my wife and I thought long and hard about into which neighborhood we wished to establish roots. After much research, late night walks, early morning strolls, through several seasons and along many streets, we came to know that Historic Anacostia was that neighborhood. Now, after we two have become three with the addition of our son, that decision made more than three years ago is all the more confirmed.

Celebrating our son's first birthday at our place in Anacostia

Here are nine reasons why my family is happy to call Anacostia home:

Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing, "Mnemonic", originally conceived and directed by Simon McBurney. The performance was at the Anacostia Playhouse in Anacostia. I was kindly greeted and given a baggie with a leaf and a blindfold. As I looked at the baggie and begin to smile, I was simply told, “You will find out soon.” I was immediately intrigued. As I found my seat in the front row I overheard the chatter behind me as folks wondered what the blindfold and the leaf were for. Many began to speculate and be silly while others in my row gently looked at the items pondering how and why we had them, but keeping them safe in their baggie.

Come down to the Anacostia Arts Center to explore Nubian Hueman, Bespoke Not Broke, Vintage & Charmed, and The Den for great #SmallBusinessSaturday deals!

Jerri Evans, owner of Turning Natural, shares details on opening her new location in the heart of Historic Anacostia, breaks down the difference between juicing and smoothies, and hooks me up with a tasty treat!

Jonathan with Project Create DC spits a little spoken word on Family Art Day.