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Entertainment in Historic Anacostia

The play's the thing...& the art & the museums & the...

Project Create

Project Create has got to be the most creative space not only in Anacostia, but in all of DC. No words needed. Just check 'em out!

Visual Arts

Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum

The Anacostia Smithsonian is unique in its mission to enhance the community's understanding of urban experiences through dance, movies, exhibits and art.


Set of "Black Nativity" by Theater Alliance and performed at the Anacostia Playhouse. Written by Langston Hughes, this holiday classic is a perennial favorite!

Theater Alliance has produced some of the best plays I have seen this side of the river. Among the top - 'Black Nativity'. Please get your tickets early!

Live Theater

Chromatic Canyon by Elisa Berry Fonseca

Vivid Solutions Gallery, nestled inside the Anacostia Art Center, is dedicated to showcaing and supporting established contemporary artists as well as aspiring local talents.

Visual Arts