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Project Create has got to be the most creative space not only in Anacostia, but in all of DC. No words needed. Just check 'em out!

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Project Create

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2028 Martin Luther King Avenue SE, 2nd floor, Washington, DC
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Monday - Friday, Noon - 7:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday, Closed
What You Should Know

Project Create provides accessible arts education to promote positive development in children, youth and families experiencing homelessness and poverty. Project Create was created in 1994 when Rev. John W. Wimberly, Jr., community activist and pastor of Western Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C., recognized a need in his community and sought to fill it. Project Create immediately identified an especially strong need within the growing population of D.C.’s homeless children and, in partnership with SOME and Community of Hope, has been serving these children successfully ever since.

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